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Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping on a budget

Grocery shopping on a budget? What about those grocery shopping coupons that print at check-out?

These grocery store coupons are called Catalinas. They are issued for savings on specified items on your next shopping trip, so you would want to save these coupons that you may receive at the checkout for your next trip.

Unlike most online grocery coupons or coupons you find in the newspaper, some Catalinas give you money off of anything you like. You definitely want to save these valuable coupons for your next shopping trip. Most often, they will say something like, "Save $2 on your next shopping trip." There is also usually an expiration date that you will want to pay attention to on these as well.

Some Catalina coupons are redeemable for a free item. You would redeem these free grocery store coupons on your next trip. When an item is free, sometimes you still have to pay tax on the sale price of the item (however, it's still a great deal!). Check with your store to find out about how your sales tax works in your area.

Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping with The Grocery Game

With The Grocery Game, we will help you devise a smart grocery shopping plan that will help you utilize your online grocery coupons, printable grocery coupons, Catalinas, and more. We can even tell you which Catalina coupons you'll receive when you take advantage of certain deals or use certain coupons - how's that for smart shopping?

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And remember, always check your grocery store coupons that you get at the register for free items, extra savings, and even grocery store coupons for cash value! It always pays to take a look at everything they give you at check out.

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