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As we all know, one of the best ways to save money for your family is discount shopping. When you combine shopping at discount stores with discount coupons, the savings can be extraordinary! But where can you find out about the best discounts, discount coupons and discount codes? At TheGroceryGame.com and TeriToday.com of course!

With Teri's List you can play The Grocery Game each week, using discount coupons with sales at your local grocery store and going to discount stores for necessary grocery items to find the best discount shopping savings. We ��will show you that usually �the best discount shopping is not found at discount stores, but by using �discount coupons with sales at your local grocery store! With all the great discounts that we find, The Grocery Game saves you time and money – something we can all use more of.

But the savings from TheGroceryGame.com and TeriToday.com don't stop there! At Teri's Coupon Center you can instantly access free printable discount coupons for groceries and Teri's Advantage provides free discount codes and discount shopping tips for every type of product imaginable! �We search far and wide to find the best discount codes, test them for accuracy and ensure they are not expired, and then let you benefit from the fantastic discounts!

Teri's List, Teri's Coupon Center and Teri's Advantage provide many different types of discounts for your convenience, including:

  • Free item discounts
  • Cents-off or Dollars-off discounts
  • Buy one get one free discounts
  • Multiple purchase discounts (buy more than one of a certain product or brand and save)

Be the first of your friends to find out about all the best discount stores, discount shopping deals and online discount codes – search TheGroceryGame.com or TeriToday.com today and start saving!

Get weekly, all-in-one lists of thousands of deals at your local grocery and drug stores.

Save 50% or more right away, during your 2 week free trial
  • Price Comparison - find lowest prices in your area
  • 62% of listed deals nationally are based on almost impossible to find unadvertised sales - Only we track these!
  • Helps manage your family's grocery budget and saves you time
  • Save thousands of dollars per year


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