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In addition to standardized sales through a supermarket chain, each store offers their own discount groceries. Since these types of sales vary from store to store, we will not be listing them each week. So keep an eye out for these rare exceptions. Here's some examples...

Discount groceries may be found when the meat department is over-stocked. Meat has a "sell by" date, and should be good for five days beyond that date. However, when the "sell by" date arrives, the meat must be sold. And most often, it is sold at a discount. If you find meat that has the "sell by" date for today, and it has not yet been discounted, ask your butcher if he intends to mark it down. In most cases, they will discount the meat when you show them a "sell by" date for today. For future reference, you may also ask the butcher about what time of day he usually discounts all of the meat.

The store will also discount groceries when there is an overstock in other departments as well. Sometimes, they will label these discounts as "Manager's special". These discount groceries are limited.

Other discounts may be found due to discontinued products. Sometimes the manufacturer is closing production on a particular product. While at other times, the store has made a decision to no longer stock the product. These will be marked in various ways. Some will be called "discontinued", "close-outs", "clearance", etc. When you see these special sales marked, you may want to consider stocking up!

Sometimes, discount grocery coupons are issued at check-out. These discount grocery coupons are called Catalinas. In most cases, you may use discount grocery coupons on your next visit.

We rarely find true discount groceries online. Discount groceries online can often be outdated. Once shipped, discount groceries online cannot be returned. Since searching for discount groceries online can be a huge drain on your time, in most cases, it isn't worth the trouble.

So if you find a discount grocery item at your local supermarket, you should buy that discount grocery item, if you like it. If you find really great discount groceries, stock up!

Discount Groceries Coupons

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