Back To School Discounts All Over the Map!

Back to School Discounts

We found back to school discounts all over the place!

And we’re just getting started…

For back to school discounts, even freebies, log in to, and then:

  • Select all stores
  • Sort by “Savings %”
  • Search category: “School Supplies” in drop down and now…
  • Look at those deals!

In Houston, for example, find:


  • 2 FREE packages! – Bic Ultra Round Grip Pens 10 ct – On sale for 50 cents and $1.00/2 8/3 Smartsource coupon = FREE and FREE
  • Crayola Crayons 24 ct – 50 cents
  •  Subject Notebook 70 sheets – 34 cents


Backpacks – $5


  • Wescott Scissor 2 ct – 25 cents w/ $5+ purchase
  • Top Grade Spiral Bound Notebook 70 ct – 25 cents w/ $5+ purchase

TOM THUMB (Safeway supermarket, and same deal in other Safeway banners)

  • Crayola Crayons 24 ct – 50 cents
  • Bic Cristal Pens 10 ct – On sale for 99 cents and $1.00/2 8/3 Smartsource coupon = 49 cents per package


  • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 10 ct – This is one of the best deals ever, if your kids love these, usually $3 a pack, just – 49 cents
  • Elmer’s School Glue Stick 2 ct – 49 cents
  • Wexford Dome Pencil Sharpener 1 ct with store coupon in ad – 39 cents (these are clean and handy for kids)
  • Wexford Wooden Rulers and 12 in folders, if you buy 7, they’re 19 cents each
  • Backpacks – BOGO, buy one get one, comes to $5.50 each

Keep checking office supply stores, every week:

OFFICE DEPOT – thru Sat. Aug. 16th

  • 1 cent – For a penny, “2 pocket folders”, limit 10
  • 25 cents – For a quarter, get: protractors, rulers, scissors, glue, 5 pack of erasers, little storage boxes for a quarter (nice to hold little things in the homework area like erasers, paper clips, staple refills, etc.)

OFFICE DEPOT – SNEAK PEEK as pictured above and below – Starts Sun. Aug. 17th thru Sat. Aug. 23rd

  • $0.10 Composition Books
  • For 25 cents: Slider Pencil Boxes, glue , rulers, 8 pack of pencils

Keep checking your lists at every week. The deals will keep coming through Labor Day!

And please… don’t pay full price for anything!

Back to School Discounts 184 USA, LLC – 4 week FREE trial

Average savings Family of four – $514 a month

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