Back To School Savings to Stock Up Now!

Back To School Savings

It’s time to stock up on back to school savings!

Yep, believe it or not, summer time has lots of deals, sales and coupons for back to school food and drink. A lot of it will be cheaper now, and has a long enough shelf life to get you by for months. Check the dates on packages!

There’s some back to school savings in today’s new printable coupons:

Log in to for hundreds of printable coupons.

Stock up on super low summer deals for back to school savings on:

granola bars / peanut butter / Juice boxes / mayo, mustard / lunchmeat (freeze for later) / and more!

Plus, choose category “school supplies” to find up to 75% off or more, even freebies!


JCPenney – 4 week FREE trial

Average savings Family of four – $514 a month

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