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Getting Started with Teri's List



Teri's List has undergone a major makeover with one goal in mind: helping you find the best grocery deals that will save you the most money, in the least amount of time.

In other words, now you can start shopping even smarter (and faster) than ever!


Teri's List shows you the best deals each week for each store in your membership. You can even select multiple stores to compare prices!


Once you have signed in, you'll be viewing the "Customize List" mode. From here, select one or more stores in the upper left box, then browse the deals, and click on the items you want to buy.


When you click a deal, it will expand, and its will change to , indicating it's an item you intend to buy.

After you've clicked on a deal, it will reveal which, if any, coupons are needed in the area marked MANUFACTURER COUPON.

You can change the quantity of any deal by clicking and editing it. Some deals require purchasing a certain quantity of items, so you won't be able to change to a lower number.

You may see one or more word icons within a deal. Hover your mouse over any of them to see more useful information.

The color of an item (Green, Blue, or White) indicates the type of savings. White (previously called black) indicates a good deal, but only buy it if you need it now. Blue deals are for investing and Green are free! The more you invest, the more you'll save over time.


We've created several new tools to help you zero in on the deals that are of the most interest to you.

Click SEARCH to search by keyword and/or category. When finished, click RESET or the , and all items will be displayed once again.

Click SHOW/HIDE to choose and save your preferences. You can do things like hide Baby products or only show Blue and Green items.

Click CHANGE SORTING... to see the available deals ordered any number of ways. Sort by Savings (%) to see the deals with the biggest savings first. Or, choose multiple stores, and sort by Description or Category for powerful comparison shopping!


Coupons on My Shopping List

You no longer have to cut and file all your coupons. Under the "Gather Coupons" tab, your selections are grouped by Store and Coupon Source to make it easy for you to gather the coupons, rebates, and other deals.

We default having all stores combined, so that all coupons you have selected from all stores can be gathered at once. To change, click SPLIT STORES

"Coupons to Gather" (left side) - Your coupon selections grouped by source.

Download Digital Coupons:

Digital coupons to load to your club card will be grouped by store. Use the "Download Digital Coupons" link at the top right of each grouping to link to each of the stores' digital coupon sites.

Print GG1 Coupons:

Coupons to print for "GG1" will be found under the heading "GG1". At the top right of this grouping, go to the link, "Print GG1 Coupons", and your coupons will already be selected and ready to print.

Sunday paper inserts:

A heading of "SmartSource 11/21" means that you will gather these coupons from your Nov. 21st Sunday paper SmartSource insert. Other coupon sources that you may see from your Sunday paper are: RedPlum, Procter & Gamble, and General Mills.

"Notes and Tips" (right side) - Store coupons, rebates, instant savings, and any additional deal stacking that you have selected will be organized by store.

Instant Savings "Mix and Match" deals:

When an offer requires a minimum number of mix and match items to purchase, your selections are grouped under each offer's detail, as "Applies To:". For example, if the requirement is "Buy 5 items get $5 off", you can now easily click on any of the items listed under "Applies To", and you will be taken directly to that item on your list. Now you can adjust quantities as needed to be sure you get the instant savings as described in the above offer.

Instant Rebates:

Any instant rebates that are expected to come out of the register to be used on future purchases will be grouped and listed as "Applies To".

Store coupons:

Any store coupons that you need to cut from a weekly circular will be grouped, with corresponding items you've selected listed as "Applies To".

BOGO, and other deals:

Any other deal stacking that you won?t want to miss will be grouped and listed as "Applies To".

To print "Gather Coupons" info, click the PRINT COUPON INFO button.


When you're done gathering coupons, it's time to Print your Shopping List and head to the store.

After you click the PRINT AND SHOP button, just select the way you'd like your List sorted, and then click PRINT

Items from multiple stores will be separated automatically on the printout, so you don't need to print each store individually.


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