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Double Coupons End in Kroger Michigan

Posted By: terisblog on May, 14 2014

Kroger Cinci Small

As of today, May 14th, Kroger is ending their policy of double coupons in their Michigan marketing division.

There are a number of key reasons for the phasing out of double coupons: 

  • Rising food costs  – Supermarkets nationwide are looking for ways to forego passing on all cost increases to consumers. Kroger has promised to lower prices. We have seen this to be true in other Kroger marketing divisions where double coupons have been eliminated.
  • Competition – When all was just supermarkets, double coupons were a viable marketing strategy, like gas wars. Since that time, big discount stores like Walmart and Kmart got into the grocery game, putting a dent in the double coupons strategy for traditional supermarkets. Over the past few years, double coupons were no longer capturing the market. In response, Safeway, Kroger, Meijer and many others have begun to pull the double coupons policies from their various marketing divisions.
  • Electronic Coupons – The president of Kroger’s Michigan division, Jayne Homco, claims that less than 1% of Kroger customers use paper coupons. The remaining  99% don’t use coupons or have switched to electronic coupons or other ways to save.

We still have to eat, and thankfully, in all areas where double coupons have ceased…

*We’re saving $523 a month for a family of four in a number of ways:

  • Invest in sales – This simple tip can cut most of your costs by half. Stop shopping week to week for only what you’ll use that week. Yesterday, I bought two bottles of cooking oil, three jars of pasta sauce, two seven bone roasts, coffee creamer, and four value packs of chicken. I don’t need all of that cooking oil for this week, but it was a great deal on the store brand. We won’t eat all that roast and chicken this week, but the sale prompted me to buy one package of each for this week and the rest for the freezer for weeks to come. This week, we will also have ground turkey and pork ribs from our freezer, all investments from past shopping trips.
  • Stack the deals – We won’t eat pasta three times this week, but with sales and coupons, the name brand sauce came to a buck a jar. They’re in my pantry next to four unopened jars of peanut butter bought for more than half off with deal stacking.
  • Utilize instant rebates – Bold print is intentional, because this where we find most of the savings we used to see with double coupons.  Those mix and match deals where you get $2-$5 off your shopping bill are hugely important to your bottom line. For example, if you buy five different items from a specified group, you may get another $5 off at the register. These items are also on sale, and don’t have to be identical items or even from the same aisle. They do have to be from the same grouping of offers, and there can be several different groupings. Yes, it can be tricky, so at we developed a special tool to specifically track these offers, and make it easy for consumers to adjust numbers and selections to be sure to get these instant savings. Sometimes that last item or two are basically free, and if you miss one item, you just inadvertently overpaid. Most of the time, these mix and match deals are used along with manufacturer coupons, which make for huge savings, often times, even as good as with double coupons.

Much of the savings are still there, if you know how to get them. At Gamers are still cutting their food costs by as much as half or better without double coupons.

*Nationwide, while most supermarkets no longer doubled coupons, average savings for a family of four is now $523 a month.

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