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31 Days to Save – Day 31 – Take it on the Road!

Posted By: terisblog on January, 26 2014

“31 Days to Save ”: A crash course in grocery savings! saves TIME!

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We’ve been focusing on saving on groceries for our first 30 days, because groceries are the biggest, easiest and fastest way to save BIG bucks! If you’ve been with us, your cupboards, fridge and freezer should be fuller, yet you’ve paid much less, even though it’s only been 31 days. And there’s more to come, as the big mile marker is 12 weeks! If you’ve joined, you’ve been maximizing your savings the quickest and easiest way possible. And now, you’re on your way to save thousands of dollars on groceries for 2013 and every year after!

But there’s more… Members often say that their grocery savings mindset has carried over into everything else! With this video, I hope to encourage you to save money wherever you go, on all things!

Be sure to end your 31 days, by commenting on the Facebook thread for Day 31  “Take it on the Road!” Share how your mind has already opened up to savings in all areas of your life, and tell us how much money you plan to save in 2013! – For as little as $10 for 8 weeks, you should save $6,000 a year! Most people save enough in their 4 week FREE trial to buy a deep freezer!

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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