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31 Days to Save – Day 26 – Save on Organics and Natural Food

Posted By: terisblog on January, 23 2014

“31 Days to Save ”: A crash course in grocery savings! saves TIME!

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There’s no reason why anyone should be sentenced to pay full price for healthy food, or even organic food. There are SO many ways to pay less than full price and still eat healthy. In fact, all of the principles we’ve learned on the past 25 days apply to saving on healthy, natural, or organics.

For a quick overview on the topic, watch this video:

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Optional Additional reading:

Learn about “hidden organic coupons” in this excerpt from: “Shop Smart, Save More”
…you can often use coupons for major name brand products that are not organic on that manufacturer’s organic version of the product. Before I go on, let me just say, you will never hear me tell you to use a coupon unethically. Manufacturers are cool with this; they want you to use the coupon to try any of the products in their line. This opens up a whole new world of using coupons on organics, since almost every major food producer puts out lots of coupons, and they also now have organics under the same product line.

(End of excerpt from “Shop Smart, Save More” by Teri Gault with Sheryl Berk)

Many organic and natural food manufacturers don’t promote their products with coupons in the Sunday paper inserts. But many do offer coupons periodically on their own websites. Here’s a list of links that we update daily whenever new coupons come up on individual manufacturers’ websites. There’s literally hundreds of sites with coupons, and some are for natural and organic foods:

For more ways to save on healthy, natural or organic foods, enjoy this article:

To show your commitment to 31 days, go back and comment on our Facebook thread for Day 26 “Save on Organics and Natural Food.”  Ask questions, or share some of the best ways that you save on healthy food for your family.

More savings strategies to come!– There’s never a better time to start saving!


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