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31 Days to Save in 2012 – Day 11 – Storing Your Stock

Posted By: terisblog on March, 11 2012

“31 Days to Save in 2012”:
A 31 day crash course to cut food costs big time in 2012! saves TIME!

As “INVESTORS,” we’re learning how to cut our food costs in half or better. There’s nothing more dis-heartening than saving a ton of money on groceries, and then having it all perish in a power outage or go bad before you can use it. Here’s some simple ways to store your stock and prevent waste:

Most Gamers save enough to buy a deep freezer in their four week free trial. Having a “free” deep freezer is a great way to roll the grocery savings into even more savings for the long haul.

All pantry items should be kept cool and dry, which means storage in the garage could cause staples to spoil.

5 minute commitment done!

Now to show your commitment to 31 days, go back and comment on Facebook thread for Day 11. Ask questions, or share your thoughts on storing your stock and protecting your investments!

Optional Additional Reading:

For more on storing your stock, here’s an excerpt from my book, “Shop Smart, Save More” in a section entitled “The Golden Rules of Stockpiling.”

Rule 5: Keep track of your inventory
What good is investing if you have no idea what’s going stale in your pantry or spoiling in your fridge? Make it a practice that you “fix” those expiration dates and sell by dates on packages as soon as you bring them home from the market. By “fixing” them, I mean I make them easy to see. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out where that “sell by” date is hiding when you’re rushing to make dinner. Or which cereal is newer and should be eaten first? Of course, all of those dates are written so tiny you need a microscope to see them. So before I put them away, I mark them with a big permanent marker in big numbers right on the front of the package. Or for cereal, I write the date in big letters on the side of the package, so that when they are stocked in my pantry, I can see all the dates, sort of like a library. You can even put your kids on this task. My youngest used to have so much fun getting creative, writing the dates in different colored makers, even drawing hearts and flowers around them to make my groceries “pretty.”

End of excerpt from “Shop Smart, Save More” by Teri Gault with Sheryl Berk

See you for Day 12, tomorrow!
Lots more days of savings to come!!!
Stay with us!

Now to show your commitment to 31 days, go back and comment on Facebook thread for Day 11. Ask questions, or share your ideas on storing your stock!

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