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Posted By: terisblog on January, 24 2012

“31 Days to Save in 2012”:
A 31 day crash course to cut food costs big time in 2012! saves TIME!

If you’re just starting today, jump on board anytime! There’s amazing savings secrets every day no matter what day you begin! IF you want to do some back reading, links to previous days are here. Or skip the back reading and just jump on in!!!!!

Day 24 – What’s in a circular?

All across the US, it’s called by a lot of different names: circular, sales circular, sales ad, ad, advertisement, flier, etc… But whatever you call it…

There are several problems with making a money saving plan based on what’s in a circular. In fact, if you take it at face value, it can really ding your wallet!

Let’s start with what IS in a circular:

1. Many circulars feature NON-sale items – Often times, deals in the circular are not deals at all, but just promotions of products at their regular full price.
2. Some sales are not as low as they can go – At, our proprietary databases of historical pricing help us to determine whether or not a sale is as low as it may go. Since coupons are usually good for three months, we may bypass a less than good sale, and hold the coupon for more savings later.

Now, as for what is NOT in the circular, (and this is a big one):

3. UN-advertised sales! – 62% of the deals nationwide at are not found in the circular. The reason is simple… Manufacturers make deals for positioning in the store as well as in the circular. Many are not promoting their products in the sales circular every week, but their products are indeed on good sales in the store! takes all of the above and more very seriously for our Gamers. In the end, if you’re not a member, be careful about what information you use to compile your weekly savings strategy, as not everything on the web or in the circular will reveal the best savings.

5 minute commitment done!

To show your commitment to 31 days, go back and comment on Facebook thread for Day 24 “What’s in a Circular?”. Ask questions and tell us how UN-advertised sales and more have helped you save on groceries!:

Optional additional VIDEO:

On my grocery shopping trip on Good Morning America, I bought a number of UN-advertised sales that were on my list from  Some of my UN-advertised sales were even free! Paula was a doll, and we laughed that I “cheated” by using my money saving list of what she called, “secret sales.”  If you missed the segment, here it is:

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To show your commitment to 31 days, go back and comment on Facebook thread for Day 24 “What’s in a Circular?”. Tell us what deals you’ve found that were not in the sales circular.

More savings strategies to come for 2012!

See you tomorrow! – a four week free trial says it all!

*On over 200 lists at some coupons are so valuable that we list them with or without a sale. For Hi-Lo supermarkets, we usually wait to list the coupon on the week before it expires, usually as a black item, and sometimes blue. With that said, does have a few lists for EDLP stores, which require different savings strategies, and could more often include some non-sale items with coupons. See “Day 4 – Choose Your Playing Field” for more on Hi-Lo vs. EDLP.

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