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6 Ways to Re-Use Valentine’s Clearance

Marley and Valentine clearance purple monkey small crop

Right now, Valentine clearance can save money 6 ways:

Fill Easter Baskets – Stuffed animals can be found for 50-90% off on Valentine’s clearance. Check drugstores, because they’ve allotted space for Valentine’s clearance and need to clear out for Easter and other inventory. Take the Valentine ribbon off, and exchange for a multi pastel color, and it looks adorable in an Easter basket at a fraction of the price.

Fill Easter eggs – Check the dates on Valentine’s clearance candies. Load up and repackage for Easter baskets, or to fill Easter eggs. Kids won’t notice Valentine’s packaging, and if they do, they won’t even care.

Kids’ birthdays –  If you’re like me, you’re always planning ahead for deals. A stuffed animal or toy with Valentine’s ribbons or stickers removed makes a great bargain birthday gift for your kids or their friends’ parties.

Party favors – Repackage Valentine’s clearance chocolates into small truffle bags you can purchase at a craft store, 25 bags for about two dollars. Or check dollar stores for party favor bags.

Toys for your Furry Friends – I found a stuffed animal for my dog, Marley, regularly $7, for 90% off, which made it just 70 cents! He has loved it at least that much!

Bake something – Empty out that $10 Valentine’s heart shaped chocolate box that you got for $2 or less. Freeze the chocolates to chop up and bake into chocolate chip cookies and brownies for any occasion. Chocolate whitens when frozen, but all of that disappears when it’s melted into chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Yum!

Wait for bigger discounts – If there’s a huge surplus of Valentine’s clearance, ask a sales associate how long they will have it out before they send it away. You can choose to stop by in a few days, when they mark it down even more!


As  CEO of, Teri Gault is the foremost expert in grocery savings, supermarket trends, and lifestyle. Over the past decade, Teri has been featured and contributed to media and publications, such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20, Inside Edition, Time, Redbook, Wall Street Journal, and countless more national and local channels. Teri has authored two books, “Shop Smart, Save More”, written with Sheryl Berk and published by Harper Collins. “The Grace of Saving”, Teri’s latest book, is the inspiring story of America’s smartest shopper, and her rise from an everyday mom, to one of  the country’s leading savings experts.


Average savings = $523 a month / over $6,000 a year

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5 Easy Ways to Save on Organic and Healthy Food

Grocery Cart Organic Healthy Ralphs 219 for 98

“Coupons are for junk food!”

Yes, a lot of them are, but certainly not all. There are coupons for healthy food, organics, whole grain and more. Even more importantly, there are more ways to save on organic and healthy food than just coupons.

In this week’s shopping cart, I got $219 worth of groceries for $98. Most of it is healthy food and some organic. Here’s how you can save like I do on healthy meals for your family:

  • Invest – When you find a sale on healthy food you like, stock up. I got organic Mac & Cheese because my granddaughter was visiting me. Rather than buy one box, and since the shelf life is long, I bought three on sale, for future visits. You can even invest in perishables when they’re on sale. Check the date on the package and invest in how much you will consume before that date. Ralphs 219 for 98 1.19.15 small
  • Use coupons with sales – A coupon alone doesn’t always save the most money, because another brand on sale without a coupon may be less. Coupons last an average of 9.5 weeks by expiration date. Often sales hit during those times, so hold on to a coupon for the right time and maximum savings. All of the best coupons can be found through Teri’s Coupon Center.
  • Shop Store brand – When name brands are on sale, and especially if you have a coupon to go with the sale, they can cost less than store brands. However… On this trip, none of the organic soy milk was on sale, and I needed it for my granddaughter, so I opted for the store brand, because it was the best price.
  • Opt for “natural” – Organic will always be pricier than conventional food. Organic chickens are pricier, even when on sale. I stock up (invest) on “natural” chicken without hormones when they’re on sale, so I put 4 whole chickens and a value pack of chicken thighs in my cart. These will go into my freezer (see #1, “invest”) for future meals. My freezer is full of all kinds of meat at 50-67% savings. Note: There are no USDA standards for the term “natural”, so do your research. Visit the manfuacturer or food producer’s website or read ingredients labels to hone in on what “natural” means to them. Sometimes you’ll find it’s a bogus term with all kinds of hideous ingredients, but other times, it might pass your personal standards for your family and could save money without compromise.
  • Buy and invest in fruits and veggies on sale – I didn’t need the blackberries, but they were on sale, so we enjoyed making homemade soy ice cream that same night. I could have invested (bought more) and froze them for later, and in hindsight, wish I had. You can also invest in fresh vegetables. I bought  7 pounds of fresh yellow and zucchini squash on sale for 99 cents. That was certainly more than we ate at dinner last night. We will eat squash another time this week, and when we do, I will cook it all and freeze the rest to add to my World Renowned Chicken Tortilla Soup. Frozen fruit when on sale at half price can be a good investment to add to smoothies, baking, toppings for oatmeal, and more. Frozen veggies are fine in casseroles, quiches, omelets, soups and sauces. Invest in frozen fruit and veggie sales so you’ll have money saving options to augment your family’s meals when fresh produce is pricey or not on sale.

When feeding your family healthy meals, these five easy principals can cut your grocery bill by half or more.

As  CEO of, Teri Gault is the foremost expert in grocery savings, supermarket trends, and lifestyle. Over the past decade, Teri has been featured and contributed to media and publications, such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20, Inside Edition, Time, Redbook, Wall Street Journal, and countless more national and local channels. Teri has authored two books, “Shop Smart, Save More”, written with Sheryl Berk and published by Harper Collins. “The Grace of Saving”, Teri’s latest book, is the inspiring story of America’s smartest shopper, and her rise from an everyday mom, to one of  the country’s leading savings experts.


Average savings = $523 a month / over $6,000 a year

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Christmas Cookie Recipe with One Most Important Ingredient

Christmas Cookie Recipe

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays…

Take time to smell the cookies, enjoy the music, the love, the laughs…

Here’s our family’s favorite Christmas Cookie recipe. Makes 4 dozen for $3.

Happy holidays!

Teri Gault, CEO

Christmas Cookie Recipe



Leftover Turkey, 3 Ways, Tons of Recipes

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Now that we’ve all had our fill of leftover turkey…

It’s time to freeze that leftover turkey three different ways for many meals to come!

Here’s the three kinds of packages you will prepare for your freezer:

  • Leftover Turkey Sandwich Slices: Leftover turkey meat cuts cleaner and easier when it’s cold. An electric knife is helpful to slice any leftover turkey breast pieces thin and against the grain. Put into plastic bags, seal tightly, removing as much air as you can (or use a vacuum sealer). Portion an amount into each bag according to how much your family will go through in a few days. Then mark “Turkey Sandwich meat” and the date with a permanent marker. And into the freezer! Turkey on a plate
  • Leftover Turkey Pieces: All those little pieces, odds and ends of leftover turkey should be diced and portioned out to the amount you would use to throw into soups and casseroles. I recommend portioning out no more than 1-2 cups at a time for a family of four. Put only what you would empty into a pot or casserole, setting aside any skin or gristle your family wouldn’t like (but don’t throw anything away yet). Put into an airtight freezer bag, squeezing out any extra air. Mark the bag “1 Cup Turkey pieces” or “2 Cup Turkey Pieces” and the date with a permanent marker. In a few weeks, make almost any recipe calling for diced chicken, like this easy Turkey Pot Pie recipe, or Quickie Chickie Mini Pies or Mom’s Gluten Free Chicken Soup or Chicken Tacos (in place of pork) or ???
  • Leftover Turkey Stock: Hopefully you saved more than just the leftover turkey! That leftover turkey carcass, juice, skin, fat, and all the scraps not good for any of the above should all go into a big stock pot. When we carve the turkey on Thanksgiving Day, we have a stock pot right next to the carving station and it all goes right in. You can break up the bones to make them fit. Fill the pot with cold water until it’s completely under water. Add chunks of onion, celery, any fresh sage you may have leftover, bay leaf, and bring it all up to a good simmer. Best not to bring to a boil, as it can get cloudy. Simmer UN-covered for half the day (at least 4 hours), skimming off and discarding any foam. Simmer until it’s reduced to the strength for stock that you want. Strain the stock through a mesh strainer. When it cools, pour into leftover jars that you have saved from mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc., You could also opt to pour into ice cube trays, then once they’re frozen, remove into plastic bags. Then you can take out cubes of stock in different quantities as needed. Mark the bags or jars “turkey stock” and date with a permanent marker. Now freeze and in a few weeks, with a package of 2 cup package of leftover turkey pieces and your homemade stock, make my World Renowned Chicken Tortilla Soup (yes, turkey works fine)!

Now, sit down and relax. You just made life a little easier and a whole lot cheaper on lots of meals to come!

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No Coupon Way to Play, the Why and How

Thanksgiving Display 11.5.14 smaller

Any time of the year, you can cut your grocery costs by half when you play the “No Coupon Way”.

So many people who have never played The Grocery Game, are jumping in to savings with the No Coupon Way! And starting right now is the perfect time to test drive the No Coupon Way.

WHY play the No Coupon Way? Not everyone likes coupons, but everyone loves a deal. I’ve always said, “Coupons are just the frosting on the cake of savings”. Most everything goes on sale at half off or better at various stores at different times. If you shop the right sales at the right place at the right time, you’re playing the No Coupon Way to lowering your grocery bills, because the No Coupon Way features advertised and UN-advertised sales and price comparisons at your local stores!

HOW to play the No Coupon Way…

Once you’re logged in to No Coupon Way, there’s SO many ways to play. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • COMPARE PRICES! – By comparing prices the No Coupon Way you can cut your grocery bill by half. Each week, sales change. One week, the best store for your grocery needs may be at one store, while next week, you’ll find the best deals at another store. Click on all of the stores you want under “Comparison Shopping At”. Hover over the calendar to see which stores are active sales for today, and uncheck any that don’t apply. By “Investing” in sales on things you will need before you run out, you’re getting ahead of paying full price when you “need” it. Here is a video link where Teri shows how to compare prices among all stores within seconds. You’ll see how easy it is to gather your coupons, but you won’t find coupons in the “No Coupon Way”! Watch the video: How to Comparison Shop With The Grocery Game
  • “SEARCH” FOR WHAT YOU “NEED” – Find the best prices on what you’re out of by selecting the stores you can shop at today (using calendar as described above). For example, type in “juice” and all sales in all stores will come up within seconds. Select the best deals on everything you’re looking for.
  • SHOW/HIDE – Click on “Show/Hide” to choose how you want to view your list “now” or by “default”. If you don’t have a baby, or pets, you don’t ever have to see those deals once you hide them by “default”, among other selections. Click SAVE.
  • SORT DEALS – With one or more stores selected, you can sort your list a number of ways by clicking “Change Sorting”. Just for fun, select 4 or 5 stores, and sort by “Aisle” or “Category”, and now it’s like you’re walking through one giant store, aisle by aisle seeing all their best deals together. Select the best deals in your area!
  • WHERE WILL YOU SHOP THIS WEEK? Now that you’ve made selections for your “need” shopping and “investing”, you can decide where you want shop this week. Do you want to cherry pick, which is shopping several stores? Or do you want to choose the best single store this week? Go to “Print” tab. Here, all your selections are separated by store. Take a look to see which stores have more of what you want. Now you can choose to shop at one store or several. I usually shop only one of 4 stores each week, but some weeks I can’t resist hitting a few supermarkets and/or drugstores, dollar stores or others.
  • PRINT YOUR CUSTOMIZED MONEY SAVING LIST – Even though your selections were made using all of the above sorting, comparing and searching, your printing will be organized by store.
  • WANT TO SAVE PAPER? You don’t have to print your lists. Access from your phone and use our handy shopping tool. Tap “Shop” and check items off as you put them in your cart. Tap to see the List item details.

Get ready to be amazed!



The “Warren Buffett of Coupons” Goes Coupon Free

The Grocery Game Facebook Banner

Since we began 14 years ago, I’ve always said that coupons are just the frosting on the cake of savings.

While Grocery Gamers are still enjoying savings of $523 a month for a family of four, we know that coupons are not for everyone.

Being able to quickly compare current sale prices is important because grocery prices change every week in your local supermarkets, drugstores, discount stores and more. You can shop at the wrong store in one week and drop $20-$30 more than the store down the street. I usually do my grocery shopping at only one store each week, but I’m no longer loyal to my home store of eighteen years, my local Vons, a Safeway banner. While the best savings were Vons last week, yesterday, I shopped at Stater Brothers with my coupons and deal stacking.

True confessions…Some weeks, even I just need to hop in for the basics, so the “Warren Buffett of Coupons” has shopped the “No Coupon Way” from time to time. But I to confess that I was cheating… I have access to sales information and price comparison in The Grocery Game databases for shopping the “No Coupon Way”. So one day, my “ah ha” moment came… Admittedly, there are lots of people who never want to use coupons at all, and those folks would save big bucks and tons of time if they could compare sale prices quickly and easily every week like I have done. Admittedly, my team thought I had lost my mind when I decided to build the “No Coupon Way”, but with The Grocery Game’s patented easy tools for building a grocery list, and all of our time and money saving bells and whistles, the “No Coupon Way” is here for all.

Shopping smart, the no coupon way, brings 50% savings. Adding coupons into the mix usually increases savings by another 17% on average.

Playing The Grocery Game the “No Coupon Way” hones in on the most savings quickly and easily. The “No Coupon Way” membership yields instant comparison shopping among advertised and un-advertised sales at supermarkets, drugstores, club stores, discount stores and dollar stores.

Savings Tips for the “No Coupon Way to Save”:


  1. Get a club card for each store and invest in sales!– The “No Coupon Way” works for investing in groceries. Instead of waiting until you run out of any grocery items, stock up on sales at half off or better. Yesterday, sour cream was on a great sale, so I bought my usual four, because the date on the package was good for over two months. Start checking dates. You’ll be surprised! And… Never pay full price again!


  1. Be willing to jump ship! Since most of us have more than one local place to buy groceries, consider that often times your old favorite may not have the best deals for you this week. Be willing to compare prices each week on what you need, and plan this week’s shopping trip accordingly.


  1. Stock up according to the tiny dateson all grocery items. You can invest in more than just pantry items that can last for 1-2 years. You’ll be surprised at how long even perishables can last once you check those tiny dates on the packages: Butter 6 months, Yogurt 6-8 weeks, cream cheese 6 months, sour cream 2 months, refrigerated Orange Juice 2 months, milk 3 weeks, organic milk 2 months, and so on.


  1. Stock up on the meat of the weekand freeze. Each week, the front of your supermarket sales circular will feature one or two meat choices at 50-67% off. These meat deals are almost always much less than warehouse club stores, so instead of just buying for this week’s meals, invest in a few extra packages. In doing so, you should save enough to buy a deep freezer in no time!


  1. Save on Fruits and Veggies by shopping in season and on sale. Stock up on store brand frozen vegetables when on sale for about half off to use in soups, casseroles, quiches, omelets and more.


  1. Log in to boost your savings of time and money with the “No Coupon Way To Save” at


We still love coupons at The Grocery Game, and offer savings with coupons of every kind stacked with advertised sales, Un-advertised sales, rebates, and more. Now, The Grocery Game is designed to cut to the chase on savings quickly and easily, with or without coupons.

Try the “No Coupon Way” with a limited time free trial.